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Setting up YouTube

This guide covers the entire process of signing up for an account and configuring it for use with Open.Media. Ad Sense account setup is also covered, which is required for embedding YouTube content in external sites (you do not need to show ads, however). View the guide here.

Live Streaming & Agenda Time-stamping Workflow

This guide covers the process of starting a live stream in YouTube, attaching agenda documents to a new session in Open.Media, and timestamping the agenda items during the meeting. View the guide here.

Equipment Guide (Cameras, Encoders, and more)

This guide provides some recommendations on hardware that can be used with YouTube and Open.Media. View the guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting

This guide contains dozens of questions that we have received in the past about both the Open.Media system and YouTube. View the guide here.

Configuring Wirecast for YouTube Live Streaming

Wirecast is one option for encoding and streaming content to YouTube from a computer that is receiving camera feeds. This guide covers the process of connecting/streaming Wirecast to a YouTube Live event. View the guide here.

If there is a topic you would like to see covered or you have questions that are not covered in the guides, please email